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Yes, I want to be a part of CATLA and the CATLA listserve. In support of my application, I submit the following: I am currently licensed to practice law in at least one state of the United States of America. In addition, neither I nor anyone with whom I regularly practice represents insurance companies or corporations in personal injury claims or claims brought by individuals.

I am hereby applying for membership in the Capital Area Trial Lawyers Association. If accepted as a member, I agree to abide by the By-Laws of the Association, as they may be propounded and from time to time amended, and all Resolutions adopted by its Board of Directors. If accepted for membership in CATLA, I understand that I must pay annual dues to CATLA to maintain my membership.

I further agree, under penalty of expulsion, to keep confidential all communications between fellow members regarding case selection, trial strategy, judges or other judicial officers, clients, opposing counsel, and the like. Confidential information is shared by CATLA members with other CATLA members for the sole and express purpose of rendering legal assistance to clients. CATLA members receiving confidential information about another member's case or client are consulting experts as that term is defined in the applicable rules of civil procedure or evidence. Thus, the information shared or developed during brainstorming, the discussion of legal strategy or issues, or the rendition of legal advice is privileged from disclosure to anyone outside the consulting experts' group. No CATLA member may waive this privilege for another member's case or client.

By checking this box, I agree to the above membership statement.

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